About the Diocese of Manchester

Welcome to the home page for the Catholic Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire. The Diocese of Manchester is made up of 169 churches in New Hampshire.

(Diocese of Manchester boundaries are the same as the State of New Hampshire)

Bishops: 1
Auxiliary Bishops: 1
Retired Bishops: 1
Abbots: 1
Retired abbots: 1
Priests, diocesan , active in diocese: 160
Priests, active outside diocese: 10
Priests, retired, sick, absent: 75
Number of diocesan priests: 245
Religious priests, resident in diocese: 78
Total priests in diocese: 323
Permanent deacons in diocese: 23
Total brothers: 46
Total sisters: 765
Parishes: 131
Missions: 38
Diocesan seminarians: 15
Catholic colleges: 6
Catholic high schools: 4
Catholic elementary and junior high schools: 26
Total Catholic population: 326,870
Total population in diocese: 1,162,000

Our Pope spoke with such foresight when he made the statement quoted below. We will do our best to respond to his vision using the gifts God has given us. — WebmasterMAILTO

In the new “computer culture” the Church … can hear more clearly the voice of public opinion and enter into continuous discussion with the world around her, thus involving herself more immediately in the common search for solutions to humanity’s many pressing problems.
— Pope John Paul II
in a statement issued from The Vatican
marking World Communication Day, May 27, 1989.